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Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer David R. Yannetti was named one of the “Best Lawyers in America” by U.S. News and World Report. He and his associates offer experienced, excellent, and proven representation to clients charged with, or under investigation for, all criminal offenses, including the following:


Attorney Yannetti and his associates have successfully handled many appeals and other post-conviction matters in Massachusetts, including motions for new trial, motions to revise and revoke sentences, and motions/petitions to seal criminal records. If you have been convicted or either pled guilty or admitted to sufficient facts, it may be worthwhile to hire an experienced criminal defense law firm to investigate avenues to undo that conviction and/or sentence. The Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm has a track record of uncovering exculpatory evidence and correcting damage that has been done to people who have been unjustly accused and/or mistreated by the criminal justice system.

How To Hire An Appeals Attorney

When hiring a law firm to appeal your conviction, you should make sure that the attorney has had extensive appellate experience. Ask if that law firm has argued orally before the Supreme Judicial Court — and ask whether you can view a video of the oral argument in which he or she participated, View Video of SJC Argument Here. That will likely give you the information you need to properly evaluate the advocacy that the lawyer would be able to bring to your appeal. Feel free to call Attorney Yannetti or his associates to discuss your rights and options for appeal.

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Armed Robbery

There are many possible defenses to an armed robbery charge. For example, many armed robbery cases are identification cases. Often, crucial evidence comes from an alleged victim or a witness viewing a photo array or a lineup in order to identify the accused as the perpetrator. In eyewitness-identification cases, there are certain procedural safeguards that have been put in place both by the U.S. Supreme Court and the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts to make sure the identification is not unnecessarily suggestive and to make sure that the accused receives proper due process of law.

Hiring an Armed Robbery Defense Attorney

To effectively defend a client against an armed robbery charge, a criminal defense attorney must be well versed in constitutional law relating to identification evidence — as well as the law of search and seizure, confessions/admissions, and joint venture. An attorney must also keep up-to-date on recent legal developments by reading the advance sheets prepared by the Supreme Judicial Court. Attorney Yannetti has over twenty-five years of experience handling criminal cases and stands by the results that his Boston law firm has obtained for hundreds of clients.

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Check and Credit Card Fraud

One of the most common offenses relating to check and credit card fraud in Massachusetts is called, “Larceny by Check.” The police and prosecution will often bring this charge when a person is accused of knowingly writing a check with insufficient funds to cover the amount. Related charges could be Larceny by Single Scheme, Larceny by False Pretenses, Forgery, Uttering a False Instrument, Identity Theft and Identity Fraud. Many of these check and credit card fraud offenses may be felony charges — especially because the monetary threshold for felony-level crimes is only $250.00.

Choose the Right Attorney for Credit Card Fraud Defense

Anyone charged with one or more of these crimes may be facing incarceration. It behooves someone in these circumstances to retain a criminal defense attorney with a plethora of experience in these matters — preferably an attorney who has both prosecuted and defended these cases. Attorney Yannetti and his associates are all former prosecutors with years of experience handling check and credit card fraud cases. Our firm’s preparation, knowledge and skill in handling these types of cases provide our clients with the best chance to avoid harsh consequences.

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Clearing Criminal Records in Massachusetts

There are ways to help clear your record by petitioning a court to seal the record, or, in some limited situations, expungement. We can help you clear your criminal records. Call us for a FREE phone consult.

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Clerk’s Hearings

A Clerk Magistrate’s Hearing is a terrific opportunity for a client to end a criminal case before it begins. The stakes in a clerk’s hearing are high: either a complaint will issue against you (and therefore, will sully your criminal record), or it will not (and your record will therefore remain clean). Too many clients have waited to hire a lawyer until after they have already attended a clerk’s hearing without a criminal defense attorney — and after those hearings have gone badly. The expression, “penny-wise, pound-foolish” applies here. In trying to save a relatively small amount of legal fees up front, an unrepresented person may cost himself much more legal fees in the future, defending a case that never should have existed in the first place. Further, the difference between a successful clerk’s hearing and an unsuccessful one can be the difference between having a criminal record and not having one — which could literally mean hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of someone’s career.

David Yannetti Is A Highly Experienced Clerk’s Hearing Attorney

If you have been summonsed for a clerk’s hearing, you should not treat it lightly. You should hire an experienced and competent attorney who has handled dozens, if not hundreds, of clerk’s hearings. Attorney Yannetti and his associates do some of their best work at the clerk’s hearing stage of a case, stamping out criminal charges before they become public.

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College and University Student Criminal Defense

University and college students make up a large segment of the client base of the Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm. Smart, accomplished, high-achieving students still find ways to get in trouble, oftentimes with their parents across the country or out-of-state, feeling helpless. Sometimes we are contacted by the student first, seeking to hire a lawyer and trying to keep his or her parents from knowing about the criminal trouble they face. More often, we are contacted by parents from all over the country, seeking the finest legal representation to preserve their child’s bright future. Either way, both the student and his or her parents realize what is at stake. With the ubiquity of criminal background checks on job applicants — and the damage that a criminal record can do to an applicant’s chances — it is imperative to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney for both advice and representation. Complicating matters is that oftentimes students who are facing criminal charges are asked to respond to school disciplinary proceedings while the criminal case is still proceeding. Although criminal defendants have the constitutional right not to incriminate themselves, college students may find themselves in the awkward position of having to explain themselves to university disciplinary committees before their criminal cases are resolved. Attorney Yannetti and his associates are sensitive to the special needs of college students charged with criminal offenses and are well-versed in dealing with student disciplinary hearings in the Boston area. We are proud of our record of successfully defending college and university students in Massachusetts.

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DCF Investigations

When parents or stepparents are charged with criminal offenses, the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families may initiate a parallel investigation into the safety of their minor children. This is especially common in domestic violence cases. Parents face conflicting priorities: on the one hand, they have the right to remain silent and not incriminate themselves in the criminal proceeding; on the other hand, they will be strongly pressured to give information to the DCF in order to keep custody of their children. Attorney Yannetti and his associates provide skillful criminal defense services in these complex cases. He is sensitive to the special issues presented in criminal proceedings against parents and stepparents. Further, Attorney Tanis Yannetti — with her background in both family law and criminal defense law — is perfectly suited to handle all aspects of these cases. View Attorney Tanis Yannetti’s Profile.

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Domestic Violence

If you have been arrested for domestic violence but have reconciled with the alleged victim, you may still face a criminal prosecution. Unless you are married to the alleged victim or unless the alleged victim has a valid Fifth-Amendment privilege, the prosecutor may force him or her to testify against you. Sometimes, a person accused of domestic-violence charges appears in court without a lawyer, thinking that once the prosecution speaks to his wife, girlfriend or partner, everything will just get dismissed. More often than not, the accused leaves court mistaken, frustrated and disappointed. It is imperative to hire an attorney at the earliest possible juncture, so that early and unnecessary mistakes are not made in the defense of such serious charges. In many domestic violence cases, of course, there are parallel divorce proceedings where emotions are highly charged, custody of children is at issue, and restraining orders are being sought. These cases are far too complicated to handle on your own.

Experienced Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers

If you have been charged with family violence or spousal abuse during a divorce case, you will need an experienced lawyer who has successfully resolved hundreds of these cases. In addition, if you are not a citizen of the U.S., any conviction, guilty plea or “admission to sufficient facts” for a domestic violence case will almost certainly lead to your deportation from the country. With so much at stake, you will need an attorney who is an effective cross-examiner, a persuasive oral advocate and someone who is skilled at successfully resolving domestic assault and battery cases, spousal abuse cases and violation of restraining order cases, in particular. Having successfully handled hundreds of these and similar cases, Attorney Yannetti and his associates stand ready to protect your rights and fight for a dismissal, an acquittal or another successful result for you. Read Attorney Yannetti’s answer to an “Ask Super Lawyers” question regarding Domestic Violence cases.

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DUI / OUI / Drunk Driving

Attorney Yannetti has been successfully handling drunk driving (DUI/OUI/DWI) cases for twenty-five years. There are three elements of a DUI or OUI charge that must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt: (1) operation of a motor vehicle; (2) intoxication; and (3) public way. For any criminal defense attorney to successfully defend an OUI case, that attorney must be educated in the scientific background of field sobriety tests and breathalyzer tests. An OUI lawyer must also be well-versed in the proper police procedure (from the stop of the motor vehicle to the arrest and beyond) in order to attack the prosecution’s case before and during trial. Finally, only those criminal defense lawyers who have handled hundreds of these cases will have seen and experienced enough to avoid being surprised in the courtroom by any new developments. An experienced criminal defense attorney may file a motion to dismiss, or a motion to suppress evidence, to prevent an OUI case from ever proceeding to a trial in the first place. If you must take the case to trial in order to evade punishment, however, Attorney Yannetti and his associates are expert OUI lawyers. Each of us has successfully handled hundreds of DUI or OUI cases. We provide top-quality representation for all clients charged with DUI or OUI.

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Drug Possession Charges

There are many degrees of seriousness for drug charges. Possession of a small amount of a controlled substance may sometimes be resolved without a term of imprisonment. However, unlawful possession of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, or prescription drugs are more serious crimes and are prosecuted more aggressively. Attorney Yannetti and his associates have been successfully handling narcotics offense cases for over twenty years. We stand by our track record of successful results and proudly proclaim that we provide top-notch representation, both pre-trial and at trial, for clients who have been charged with drug possession in Massachusetts.

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Drug Distribution Charges

A criminal conviction for drug distribution or drug trafficking can result in lengthy prison sentences, for mandatory minimum periods of time. Mandatory minimum sentences mean that the judge has no discretion to sentence the accused for lower than the statute provides — and it also means that parole is severely curtailed. Attorney Yannetti and his associates have been successfully handling drug-distribution cases for many years. We know how defenses to these cases should be investigated. We know how to properly and persuasively file and argue motions to suppress evidence. We have successfully filed motions to dismiss these cases — saving our clients from years of state prison or house or correction sentences. We provide aggressive and experienced representation to minimize or eliminate the negative consequences of these serious criminal charges. We are proud of our results.

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False Accusations

Attorney Yannetti does not require his clients to be innocent of criminal charges to represent them. There are plenty of cases where a client will hire our firm to make sure that no stone is unturned to defend his rights — and to defend the U.S. Constitution while holding the police and the prosecution to the highest standard possible. Other times, clients will hire our firm with the intent of asking us to negotiate the very best deal that is attainable. We strongly believe that every individual deserves an effective defense, regardless of the objective facts of the situation. That said, Attorney Yannetti and his associates have extensive experience uncovering lies and false allegations of criminal activity, including sex crimes. To us, there is no higher calling in this profession. When the power of the state — with the many resources that are available to the police and the prosecution — are used to target an innocent man or woman, there is no greater perversion of the lofty goals of the criminal justice system.

Successfully Defending Against False Accusations

Our success in uncovering false allegations had led to countless dismissals of criminal charges. A criminal defendant who is fighting false allegations needs a criminal defense lawyer who will conduct a proper investigation to unearth exculpatory evidence and evidence of the alleged victim’s bias or motivation to lie. Above all, an innocent man or woman must have an attorney that cares enough — about them, about their cases, and about doing the right thing — to do what must be done to get the just result. The Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm is comprised of the right lawyers — conscientious, hard working, skilled and experienced — to give you the peace of mind to know that you are in the right hands. Read About an Innocent Man Falsely Accused and Convicted of Murder Whom Attorney Yannetti Helped Exonerate.

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If you are under investigation for a felony, it is critical that you receive a lawyer’s advice as soon as possible. If consulted at an early juncture, a knowledgeable and experienced felony defense lawyer may be able to unearth exculpatory witnesses or evidence. A thorough defense investigation may persuade prosecutors to not charge you — or to charge you with a less serious offense. At a minimum hiring an experienced attorney will likely prevent the police from contacting you and pressuring you into incriminating yourself. Further, proper early investigation might also prove to be critical if the case ultimately proceeds to trial. If you have been charged and/or indicted for a felony charge, the stakes are obviously high. Whereas in district or municipal court the main goal might be preventing a criminal record or avoiding embarrassing publicity, in superior court the goal is often to prevent a lengthy state prison sentence. Every case — no matter how large or small — should be properly investigated, prepared and defended. With a felony case, however, the adverse consequences of inadequate investigation or preparation — or substandard advocacy — can often be life-changing. At the Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm, we take great pride in the work that we do on behalf of our clients. No attorney or law firm can guarantee any particular result. But we can guarantee the effort. And our best efforts often lead to stellar results.

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Immigration Issues & Criminal Defense

Any person who is not a United States citizen must worry about deportation after an arrest or criminal citation or charge. United States immigration laws often require that permanent residents, visa holders and undocumented immigrants may be deported after a criminal conviction. Whether deportation will occur depends on many factors, including the nature of the criminal charges and the particular resolution that your attorney obtains for you in criminal court. Attorney Yannetti has been practicing criminal law in Massachusetts for more than twenty-five years. In that time, he has defended countless immigrants against criminal charges. He coordinates his defense work with several trustworthy Boston-area immigration attorneys, to ensure that his clients get proper advice. At the Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm, it is our sensitivity to immigration issues, as well as our result-driven representation, that makes us a top choice for any client in jeopardy of deportation, denial of naturalization or exclusion from the U.S. We have helped innumerable clients remain in the country despite facing serious criminal charges.

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Juvenile Offenses

Attorney Yannetti’s main concern for his juvenile clients is their future. Juvenile clients are just starting out in life, with seemingly limitless career choices ahead of them. The last thing any teenager needs is to be convicted or found delinquent of a crime that will adversely affect their ability to get a job or advance in a career. Attorney Yannetti and his associates regularly represent young men and women in juvenile court to make sure that does not happen. The Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm also represents so-called “Youthful Offenders” — juveniles who have been indicted for more serious crimes, in order to be treated as an adult. The law is constantly changing in this area. Whatever the charge, it is imperative to hire a criminal defense attorney who is experienced, proficient and up-to-date in handling juvenile criminal cases.

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While a misdemeanor conviction typically subjects a person to less jail time than felony convictions, it can still have a devastating effect on your future. A misdemeanor conviction still gives you a criminal record, which can affect your reputation in the community, since any district court case is a public record and might be printed in your home town newspaper or on the Internet. It also will be available to future employers and/or schools during background checks. Attorney Yannetti has helped hundreds of clients facing misdemeanor charges avoid having a criminal record — and avoid the negative publicity that can accompany such charges. Whether you have been summoned for a clerk’s hearing or arraignment, arrested, or indicted for misdemeanor charges, we stand ready to fight for the best result obtainable for your case. Visit our Recent Cases page to view our impressive track record of obtaining dismissals for our clients who have faced a wide variety of misdemeanor crimes.

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Motor Vehicle Offenses

Many vehicular crimes can carry jail or house of correction sentences while also resulting in a suspension of your Massachusetts driver’s license. Attorney Yannetti has successfully handled countless motor vehicle matters and has appeared on behalf of clients both in district and municipal courts, as well as at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Often times, an attorney may prevent charges from issuing in the first place by successfully representing a client at a “show cause hearing” or “clerk magistrate’s hearing.” If you have received a motor vehicle citation alleging one or more criminal offenses — even if a civil infraction accompanies it — do not mail the citation to the citation processing center on the back of the form! You must send the citation instead to the clerk’s office of the district court in the jurisdiction where you were stopped. Failure to properly request a clerk’s hearing could result in a summons to court for an arraignment — which, if it occurs, will give you an entry on your criminal record. Any individual facing motor vehicle offenses should retain an attorney at the earliest juncture possible to preserve all potential options. Feel free to call us at the Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm for a free phone consultation regarding the initial steps to be taken in these matters.

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Attorney Yannetti is experience and well-versed in how the police put a murder case together. As a former prosecutor, he has been called to murder scenes in the middle of the night and has personally witnessed how the police preserve evidence, how murder investigations unfold, and what techniques the police use. That experience has been invaluable as Attorney Yannetti now represents clients who are literally on trial for their lives. Very few attorneys have tried a dozen murder cases, as Attorney Yannetti has, and very few have succeeded in the face of overwhelming pressure. Attorney Yannetti is, in short, battle-tested and ready to provide unparalleled representation to those charged with the most serious crime of all. View Attorney Yannetti Re-Creating One of His Closing Arguments in a Well-Known Murder Case.

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Old Warrants

An old Massachusetts warrant can prevent you from renewing your driver’s license or getting a driver’s license in another state. If you are arrested in another state and the police database reveals an old Massachusetts arrest warrant, then the police may hold you in custody as a fugitive from justice until the Commonwealth of Massachusetts decides whether to dismiss the warrant or to extradite you back to MA. If old Massachusetts warrants are preventing you from renewing your driver’s license, or if you are being held as a fugitive from justice, Attorney Yannetti can negotiate on your behalf with the district attorney’s office and the court to have the warrant dismissed. No matter how long ago the warrant issued — and we have represented people against warrants from the 1970’s and 1980’s — it may well haunt you and affect your future until you take care of it. The only proper way to do so is to call a criminal defense law firm for advice. We would be happy to provide a free phone consultation.

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Petitions to Seal

Even if you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, it may be possible to seal your criminal records. Depending on the circumstances of your case, Attorney Yannetti can advise you regarding the feasibility and desirability of having your criminal record sealed. In Massachusetts, these motions are called “petitions to seal.” There is a very precise procedure that must be followed, or else permanent mistakes could be made that may haunt you in the future. Having successfully handled many petitions to seal over many years, Attorney Yannetti and his associates stand ready to make sure no such mistakes are made in your case. Please call us before deciding on an attorney to represent you. We will bring issues to your attention that other law firms routinely ignore — to their clients’ detriment. Read Attorney Yannetti’s answer to a Super Lawyers question regarding Petitions to Seal. We do consider ourselves to be experts in this area.

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Probation Violations

Individuals who have violated the terms of probation are often faced with a potential prison sentence, despite having avoided one at the time of their original sentencing. It is crucial to retain an experienced lawyer to obtain the best result possible. Attorney Yannetti and his associates have successfully represented his clients in court during both initial and final probation surrender hearings. The Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm has been very effective in helping clients find an alternative to returning to jail by working with the court to explore other, less-severe sentencing options. If there is a probation warrant for your arrest, call us to help to negotiate the terms of your surrender before the court. There are too many issues and potential pitfalls — with potentially devastating consequences — to go into court alone.

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Restraining Order Violations

Attorney Yannetti and his associates represent people who have had a restraining order taken out against them. The Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm also regularly defends clients against alleged violations of a restraining order — a serious crime with potentially damaging consequences. The issues presented by these cases are similar to those in many domestic violence cases. Given that most restraining orders are issued ex parte — i.e., without the presence of the person against whom the order is taken — the potential for abuse of the process is high. There is nothing more frustrating than having a restraining order taken out against you fraudulently, as the restraining order will appear on your otherwise clean criminal record and sully your representation undeservedly. Once a restraining order is taken out, moreover, the plaintiff only needs to call the police with a false allegation of contact and you could be arrested. At the Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm, we have seen it all. If you find yourself facing a restraining order and/or alleged violation, call us for a free consultation. The chances are pretty good that we can help you.

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Sex Offenses

Merely being accused of a sex crime is demoralizing. In addition to a potentially long prison sentence, you face the prospect of lifetime registration with the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry. Your photo could be placed on a police sex offender website, so everyone in your neighborhood would know that you are a sex offender. A sex-crime conviction is the modern-day equivalent of the Scarlet Letter A. Attorney Yannetti and his associates have successfully handled many charges of rape, assault with intent to rape, indecent assault and battery, sex-for-fee, human trafficking and other sex crimes. We have helped many clients to avoid the horrific consequences of a sex-crime conviction, and to get their lives back. Call us as soon as you suspect that you’re under investigation or if you have been falsely accused of a sex crime.

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Shoplifting may sound like a prank — but it is, in fact, a very big deal. Shoplifting, also known as larceny under $250, is an offense for which the police have the power of arrest. Department stores and retailers treat these cases very seriously and encourage prosecution to the full extent of the law, in order to discourage future shoplifting. It is wise to get help from an experienced criminal defense lawyer after an arrest or citation for shoplifting. Attorney Yannetti and his associates are top-notch trial lawyers and negotiator with many years of criminal defense experience. Whether you’ve been arrested or summoned for clerk magistrate’s hearing, call us at the earliest possible juncture to prevent damage to your reputation and/or criminal record.

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Theft Crimes

There are many different types of theft crimes, e.g., larceny over $250, larceny under $250, larceny by scheme, larceny by false pretenses, conversion, embezzlement, receiving stolen property, conspiracy, uttering, forgery and shoplifting. Any theft conviction can have a negative impact on your future, especially if handled incorrectly by an inexperienced lawyer. Attorney Yannetti and his associates have handled hundreds of theft cases. Often, we have helped clients to avoid a criminal record through negotiation. Other times we have been successful through an aggressive and effective defense of the substance of the allegations. Each case is different. Most cases require an individualized approach that is tailored to the specific nature of the crime, the facts and the circumstances that a client brings to the table. It is imperative for anyone facing criminal theft charges to get the proper advice right from the beginning. It costs nothing to call our office for an initial consultation. We would be happy to speak with you.

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Violent Crimes

Conviction for a violent crime may mean a prison sentence, fines, and a permanent criminal record. There are, of course, many degrees of seriousness, depending on the charges and the court in which the case is prosecuted. District Court and Municipal Court see many routine assault and battery cases, which are misdemeanors. Simple assault and battery cases sometimes become “assault and battery by means of dangerous weapon” cases, however, in unexpected ways. For example, if you kick someone and you’re wearing a sneaker or shoe at the time, the police may charge you with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (ABDW) — a “shod foot.” That charge may not sound much more serious than simple assault and battery, but it is. The addition of the “shod foot” changes the maximum penalty from 2 1/2 years in the hours of correction to 10 years in state prison. In so doing, it changes the crime from a misdemeanor to a felony. In Superior Court, ABDW cases are common and may run the gamut from assaults (threatening to use a weapon) to actual stabbings, shootings or bludgeonings. The degree of seriousness of the charge and the injuries received — in addition to an accused’s prior record or lack thereof — will be driving forces in the actual sentence to be received in the event of a conviction. Again, the stakes are high in these cases. Attorney Yannetti and his associates have the investigative know-how and resources needed to challenge the integrity of the evidence collected and to persuade a jury to question the thoroughness of an investigation. The Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm stands ready to prepare the most effective defense possible for every client — and to present it to a judge and jury in a persuasive, easy-to-understand manner. We encourage potential clients to watch Attorney Yannetti in the “Battle of the Lawyers” video on our Media Center page to get some sense about our style and capabilities. View Battle of the Lawyers Video.

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Weapons Charges

Massachusetts is a state with stringent gun and weapons laws. For example, the charge of unlawful possession of a firearm in Massachusetts carries a mandatory minimum eighteen-month prison sentence, with harsher penalties for repeat offenders. If the firearm in question was loaded at the time that the police seized it, an additional charge will likely follow, carrying additional, mandatory time in the house of correction or state prison. An experienced criminal defense attorney will know how to attack the Commonwealth’s case before it ever gets to trial, however, through the effective use of motions to suppress and/or motions to dismiss. We have been able to derail many firearms cases before they even get to trial — often resulting in the dismissal of charges and allowing our clients to get on with their lives. If a case needs to go to trial, however, we are prepared to present the most vigorous defense. The Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm has been handling firearms and related cases for many years and we are proud to say that we put our clients in the best position to obtain a satisfying outcome.

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White Collar and Federal Crimes Defense

One of my colleagues has written a book entitled “Three Felonies a Day” — a book I highly recommend, by the way. The point of the book is that federal laws are so intrusive, so Byzantine, so unintelligible, that most of us walk around every day unknowingly committing three felonies just by going through our normal routine. Rather than prohibit egregious criminal behavior, many federal statutes instead operate as a menu for federal prosecutors to charge people with little-known offenses in order to gain leverage in a prosecution. In any case, federal prosecutors have an overwhelming amount of resources at their disposal. If you are being investigated for a federal offense, it is imperative that you refrain from cooperating with federal agents without first speaking to a criminal defense attorney experienced in federal court. At the Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm, we have won cases in federal court through effective advocacy at trial and on appeal. Through effective investigation and negotiation, we have also persuaded prosecutors not to charge our clients at all. If you suspect you’re being investigated, or you have already been arrested and/or indicted for a federal crime, please call us at the earliest possible juncture.

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Criminal Defense FAQs

Do you have questions about the charges you face? If so, call us for a free consult or visit the links below:

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If you are facing state or federal criminal charges, you need someone who will do everything they can in order to fight for you. Attorney Yannetti and his criminal-defense law firm provide the best representation you can obtain anywhere, right here in Massachusetts. With offices in Boston, Salem, and Dedham, we are here to help you. Contact us online or call 617-297-9213 for a FREE phone consultation.


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In the most painful times in our lives–David, Greg and Lisa showed us their professional best–dignified, warm, gracious. David and his team will not let you down, you will be taken well care of and most importantly superbly and justly represented…
Barbara Lynch

Oh my goodness David is a miracle worker! Unbelievable results! David is so highly respected by attorneys and judges and prosecutors that he really makes an impact in court and presented our friend in the best possible light…

Jude Dasilva

Greg Johnson and David Yannetti are simply the best. After having two other attorneys on a case, I hired them and got results where others failed. They work hard for you and I highly recommend them!…

Vivian Trinh

If it was not for Mr. Yannetti I could have lost my career and opportunity to come back to USA again given that I am not a US citizen. Thank you Mr. Yannetti for all you did for me and my family. You and your office were truly there for me in my darkest hour…

Ajit Gupta

Greg Johnson is a charming attorney and seems to truly care about his client’s and the outcome of their case. If you ever need an experienced criminal defense Lawyer, Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm is the one to call!…


“I’ve got your back,” he told me early on. David did not disappoint. By showing up with David in the courtroom, I felt I’d made a clear statement of intent. The case was duly dropped…

James Brooks

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