False Accusations

Falsely Accused of a Crime?

Every individual charged with a crime deserves an effective and aggressive defense, regardless of the objective circumstances. If you have made a mistake and committed a criminal act, you will not find any judgmental attitudes in the Boston criminal defense law firm founded by David R. Yannetti. You will find experienced sharply skilled advocates, ready to mount the best possible defense on your behalf, no matter the circumstances.

If, however, you have been falsely accused of a crime, the importance of retaining a proven and talented criminal defense attorney is even higher. You should not face the nightmare of false criminal accusations alone — nor with inexperienced or incompetent counsel. Massachusetts criminal defense attorney Yannetti and his associates will stand by your side to help you work toward exonerating yourself. Contact Boston defense lawyer David Yannetti and his colleagues to learn more.

Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault

Police and prosecutors have a lot of discretion. They may choose to bring criminal charges in a sexual assault case, even in the absence of forensic evidence like DNA, fingerprints, videotaped evidence or eyewitness testimony. In these types of sex offense prosecutions, the outcome often comes down to the word of one person (the alleged victim) against the word of another person (the alleged perpetrator). Who is more believable? In the end, the prosecutor bears the burden of proving the case beyond a reasonable doubt, but oftentimes the damage done to the accused's reputation is irreversible regardless of the outcome.

In complex criminal cases like rape or child molestation, Attorney Yannetti and his associates advise their clients on the advantages and possible disadvantages of testifying. We will also conduct a thorough investigation to unearth exculpatory evidence, as well as any evidence of bias or motivation to lie on the part of the alleged victim. Our criminal defense lawyers are well-versed in the difficult skill of cross-examination in sexual assault cases, where the goal is to unlock the truth of what happened without appearing needlessly insensitive to the alleged victim.

Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence

The deck is often stacked against the alleged perpetrator in domestic violence cases, especially if the domestic violence charges arise during the course of a divorce. The spouse who makes the accusation has two lawyers on his or her side: the divorce lawyer and the criminal prosecutor. If you have a divorce pending and have been accused of domestic violence, you need a lawyer with extensive experience negotiating these complex types of cases. Attorney Yannetti and his colleagues will coordinate your defense with your divorce lawyer and can also provide advice in the event of a DCF investigation. Based on our many years of experience defending clients accused of domestic violence, we are aware of the many options available to resolving these types of cases, especially when the accusing spouse uses the accusation to try to gain leverage in the divorce or child custody battle.

Falsely Accused of Assault

Assault and other violent crime cases are often a race to the police station or the courthouse to see who can file criminal charges first. If you were in a fight that someone else started, that person's lawyer may nonetheless advise him to file a criminal complaint against you. Even if you have worse injuries or there are favorable witnesses to confirm that you did not start the fight, the application for a criminal complaint may give the other person the right to subject you to a clerk's hearing. At the clerk's hearing, a magistrate will decide whether probable cause exists to issue criminal charges for assault against you.

If you were the true victim of an assault but find yourself facing a criminal complaint and a clerk's hearing, attorney Yannetti and his associates can help. If we are able to persuade the magistrate not to issue any kind of criminal complaint against you, your clean criminal record will be preserved.

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