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White collar crimes often more closely resemble civil cases than other criminal cases. The accused is often a professional, unaccustomed to the criminal justice system. State and federal prosecutors generally conduct a more thorough investigation while building circumstantial cases, pressuring peers and co-workers to testify against the accused, and using substantial documentation to back up their charges. A criminal defense attorney must file specific discovery motions to obtain the copies of the necessary evidence to properly assess a case for his client. Additionally, most white collar criminal cases involve charges of conspiracy, which allow prosecutors to circumvent the hearsay rules that otherwise would prevent unsubstantiated claims from being entered as evidence against a defendant.

Massachusetts federal criminal defense lawyer David R. Yannetti and his associates represent clients in Boston and throughout Massachusetts who have been charged with fraud, embezzlement, and other white collar crimes in both Massachusetts and federal courts.

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Our while collar defense attorneys may intervene as soon as possible on a client's behalf to ensure an investigation does not unfairly target him or her. As your Boston white collar crime lawyers, David Yannetti and his associates will tirelessly work to protect your rights, oftentime recommending and hiring our own investigators, computer experts, and forensic specialists to analyze and undermine the evidence against you.

White Collar Crimes and Federal Criminal Charges

Attorney Yannetti and his associates represent clients who have been indicted or who are under investigation for the following federal white collar crimes:

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