Accused of Sex Assault in Salem or other North Shore Communities?

Merely being accused of sexual assault is devastating. If convicted, you may be subject to a long prison sentence. You could also face lifetime registration under the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry laws. Your picture and personal information would be placed on a police sex-offender web site, the result of which is that everyone in your neighborhood would know that you are a convicted sex offender. In this way, a sex assault conviction will follow you for the rest of your life. It is vital that you consult an experienced Boston area sexual assault attorney as soon as you learn you are under investigation for a sex crime.

Sexual assault lawyer David Yannetti and his associates have defended all types of sex-crime charges, including false accusations, rape, indecent assault, and battery (improper touching) on person over 14, or on a child under 14, solicitation, molestation, and indecent exposure. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Yannetti understands how the prosecution approaches these types of cases. He will use this knowledge to help you protect your rights and your future.

Known For Getting The Best Outcome Possible

Our law firm understands the way sexual assault charges can impact your life, and we are known for getting the best results for our clients.

Why Your Choice Of Attorney Matters

Having the right sexual assault defense lawyer for your case is important, because an experienced attorney may be able to help you:

  • Reduce or dismiss charges
  • Avoid jail time
  • Minimize costly fines and penalties
  • Keep your job
  • Protect your reputation

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