Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Appeals and post-conviction matters require a Boston criminal appeals lawyer who excels in brief writing and oral argument. I am well-trained in legal persuasive writing and I have spent over two decades arguing cases before judges and juries in Massachusetts. I am also a former legal-research-and-writing instructor at Boston University. I have successfully handled appeals and motions, including:

  • Motions for new trial
  • Reversal of convictions
  • Motions to revise and revoke sentences
  • Motions to seal or expunge criminal records

For example, in one case, I successfully persuaded the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court that my client was not in a possession of the drugs that were found at a house where he had been staying. In another case, I won a new trial for a client who had been wrongfully convicted and was serving a life sentence in state prison for murder. I have handled federal re-sentencing cases pursuant to the Booker case, which struck down mandatory sentencing guidelines in federal cases and made the sentences advisory instead. I have successfully helped many clients to seal and/or expunge their criminal records — which has allowed them to honestly answer "no" on any job application when asked if they have been arrested or convicted for any crime.

Experienced Handling Of Post-Conviction Matters

After conviction, there are a number of options open to a client seeking to correct an injustice done to them. An attorney must keep up-to-date with statutory and case law in order to properly represent his clients in appellate and other post-conviction matters. My years of experience and cutting-edge legal knowledge will provide you with the best chance of success. Feel free to contact me to discuss your particular issue.

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