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Drug crimes involving possession or distribution can result in serious penalties, including mandatory minimum prison sentences, as well as a criminal record that can follow you for life. This can obviously make it difficult to find employment, qualify for certain loans or find housing. If you have been charged with any type of drug crime, getting experienced legal counsel in your corner is essential.

Boston drug crime lawyer David Yannetti and his associates have extensive experience protecting the rights of those accused of drug offenses. As a former prosecutor, attorney Yannetti understands how these cases are tried and he will fight hard to help achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

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The Massachusetts criminal defense lawyers at the Yannetti criminal defense law firm can provide a dedicated defense against all drug charges, including:

Attorney Yannetti and his legal team have successfully handled narcotics cases at every stage of the criminal process. Mr. Yannetti has persuaded authorities to drop all charges. Even before a case is brought to trial, he understands how to attack the prosecution's evidence, filing motions to dismiss and suppress. When your freedom and livelihood is at stake, you need to have experienced legal counsel in your corner.

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