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Domestic violence is a serious problem. Because of that, law enforcement will reflexively make an arrest whenever there is an accusation, no matter how flimsy or ambiguous the evidence may be. The consequences of getting arrested can be severe and ultimately include years behind bars.

The Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm in Salem provides high-quality representation to people accused of domestic violence. Led by attorney David Yannetti, a former prosecutor with 30 years of experience in criminal law, our Salem domestic violence lawyers will give your case the benefit of our skill and dedication to preserving the rights of defendants in court. Our team of lawyers serve clients throughout Essex County.

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Domestic Violence Charges FAQs

What should I do if I've been charged with domestic violence?

First, avoid answering police questions or trying to explain your side of the story. Police are trained to gather self-incriminating statements from suspects. You may think that you are helping yourself by offering some type of explanation or excuse, or by telling your side of the story. Don't. Instead, keep quiet and contact a defense attorney as soon as possible.

Can I get a domestic violence conviction sealed or expunged from my record?

Getting a domestic assault conviction expunged is difficult, but the law has recently changed to provide for the possibility in some limited circumstances. Sealing a conviction is possible if certain time periods have passed. Sealing a non-conviction is much easier.

Can my charges be dropped?

Prosecutors can drop any type of criminal charges, including a domestic violence charge. They may do so by filing a "nolle prosequi," about which can do nothing, as it is a separation-of-powers issue under our Constitution. They also may do so by moving to dismiss the case, which requires a judge to approve. Read our article on this subject for more information.

I've been falsely accused of domestic assault. What should I do?

You can take steps to protect your rights and seek a dismissal. Visit our page on false domestic violence accusations for more information. The most important thing to do is to call a trusted criminal defense attorney, so that you do not harm your chances of a successful outcome.

What can happen if I'm convicted of domestic violence?

You could face years in jail, fines and more. Click here to learn more.

Can I still get a job with a domestic violence conviction on my record?

Most employers conduct background checks before hiring a job applicant and are unlikely to take a chance on someone with a conviction for domestic violence.

How do restraining orders work in Massachusetts?

A domestic violence-related restraining order can greatly affect your life. We discuss how on this page.

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