High School Student Criminal Defense

High School Crimes

Times have changed over the years in terms of how high schools handle disciplinary problems. Years ago, many school disciplinary issues were handled within the school system. If a fight, violence or theft occurred at school, disciplinary hearings would generally be held at school. A student would be suspended or expelled. That is, of course, still the case today, but there is another layer of seriousness to these issues now. More and more, local police departments are involved within school districts and disciplinary actions. There is now a closer partnership between law enforcement and school systems.

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High School Criminal Activity May Result In A Criminal Record

In some high schools, police officers are assigned to stay at the school during the week. Even in situations where a police officer is not on duty within the school, however, school administrators can still divulge information to law enforcement. As a result, there have been many more prosecutions and arrests of high school students in recent years. When the police become involved, there is more at risk than just being held back a grade, suspended or expelled from school. Having a juvenile criminal record is now a possible and dangerous consequence. If you are facing juvenile criminal charges or you are a parent of a high school student facing criminal charges, there is a lot at stake. Your child's future could be in jeopardy. College scholarships and future job opportunities may be severely impacted with just one conviction.

You should obviously hire a lawyer who has had success helping Massachusetts high school students and their families. Boston high school crimes defense attorney David Yannetti and his associates have years of criminal law experience. Attorney Yannetti, a renowned Massachusetts criminal defense attorney, has hired other former prosecutors with proven track records and extensive experience. Our attorneys are particularly sensitive and knowledgeable about the issues faced by high students who are charged or being investigated for crimes.

Experienced Defense In Juvenile And Superior Court

Juvenile court is for children under 18 years of age. District and superior court are for children 18 years and older. In some circumstances, however, juveniles may be indicted as "youthful offenders" and become subject to the same penalties as adults. Attorney David Yannetti and his associates have successfully defended high school students in juvenile court, district court and in serious cases, superior court. We have a large amount of experience in defending students in all three venues and can provide the proper advice and guidance from the start of the process through to the conclusion.

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