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When someone dies as a result of a motor vehicle accident, vehicular homicide charges may be filed against the driver. Although often not as serious as homicide charges in the traditional sense, the punishment for a conviction can be severe and may include substantial prison time, hefty fines, a large amount of community service, years of probation and the loss of driving privileges for many years. If you have been arrested or are under investigation for an accident in which a life was lost, it is important that you get experienced legal help right away.

Boston vehicular homicide defense attorney David Yannetti and his associates are experienced trial lawyers. With decades of combined legal experience, they understand how to build a strong defense that is designed to get you the best results possible in your case.

Working To Protect Your Rights In Vehicular Manslaughter And Homicide Cases

Proof of intent is not required to be charged with vehicular homicide. That is why the punishments can be less severe than those meted out for traditional homicide and murder cases. If reckless driving results in the loss of life, however, that is enough to be charged with this crime. Reckless or negligent driving is not even a requirement of the charge, if there was evidence of drug or alcohol use by the driver, such as when Driving under the influence - DUI/OUI charges are involved.

The legal team at the Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm will thoroughly investigate the circumstances that led to your criminal charge. We will examine whether proper procedures were followed at the time of the arrest and during the subsequent investigation. We will also examine whether evidence was properly gathered and accounted for. You can rely on us to help protect your rights while we work to reach the best available resolution in your case.

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