Legal Team

Lisa M. Yager, Paralegal

Lisa YagerLisa began her career in the business arena working as an Executive Assistant for the Chairman and CEO of a mid-size print management organization. Within her 13-year employment, Lisa broadened her knowledge base by taking on the role of Office Manager for the commercial real estate business owned by same.

Lisa holds a Master's Degree in Counseling and Psychology. A licensed Elementary School Counselor, Lisa enjoys working with all individuals in all ages, stages and circumstances in life.

Prior to coming on board for Attorney Yannetti, Lisa worked in child development and then again as an Executive Assistant this time for the President and CEO of a biotech organization.

Lisa holds a Bachelor's Degree, Legal Assistant studies, where she utilizes her education and experience working as a Paralegal for Attorney Yannetti. Her responsibilities include day-to-day interactions with clients, communications with court and other Commonwealth personnel, office correspondence, research, writing, and transcribing, and technical support.

Erin Francoeur, Paralegal

Erin FrancoeurErin began her career as an aide in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. In this role Erin acted as liaison to citizens, lobbying groups and House members, as well as honed her professional research and writing skills. Moving next to the position of Committee Researcher and ultimately to Chief of Staff, Erin managed constituent services, media relations, speech writing and review of legislative proposals. In all, she worked in the House from 1993-1998.

Entering the corporate realm, Erin became a Public Affairs Associate at Liberty Mutual's Corporate Legal Division in Boston. In this role, she managed the political events program, the political action committee (LibertyPAC) and grassroots education program. Further, she was administrator for the public affairs intranet and extranet sites and databases of employee resources and public affairs content management. She was promoted to senior associate after two years and grew the events and grassroots programs significantly for the corporation until 2002.

Erin holds a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and English as well as a Paralegal Certification from Northeastern University. Additionally, Erin has completed significant coursework in Writing at The Fine Arts Work Center.

Erin now performs the following at the Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm: client services, research and writing and web site management.


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