Felonies and Misdemeanors in Massachusetts

Facing Felony or Misdemeanor Charges in MA?

Whether you're facing a felony charge or a misdemeanor charge, all criminal charges need to be taken seriously. If you are convicted of a crime, an employer, a loan officer or a landlord are not going to care whether it was a relatively minor misdemeanor or a more serious felony. They are likely to pass you over for someone with a spotless record. That is why it is important to get experienced legal representation for any criminal charge that you may be facing.

Boston felony and misdemeanor defense attorney David Yannetti and his associates understand how to build a strong defense against all criminal charges. With nearly 50 years of combined legal experience, including Mr. Yannetti's past experience as a criminal prosecutor, you can rest assured that your rights will be protected at every stage of the criminal process.

Experienced Defense Against All Felony and Misdemeanor Crimes

The Massachusetts defense lawyers at the Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm can handle all cases involving misdemeanors and felonies.

Do not presume that just because the potential consequences seem relatively minor that a criminal charge is not worth taking seriously. A criminal conviction on a misdemeanor charge can result in just as much long-term damage as a felony conviction. No matter what crime you have been charged with, protect your future with a solid criminal defense team on your side.

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