Client Testimonials

If you have been arrested or are facing potential criminal charges, a good lawyer will be able to explain what sets them apart from others and will share with you how they plan to approach your case.

Yet hearing from our past clients, who are probably just like you, may be even more helpful as you try to select the right attorney for your case.

Many of our clients write independent reviews of our firm on other websites, such as Google or Avvo.  We encourage you to evaluate us by doing your own research. Occasionally, however, a client prefers to send their review directly to us.  Here is an example of such a review:

"I hired David to represent me after a contentious divorce case which led to my need for representation in a criminal case brought about by false allegations made by my ex-spouse. As a formal Naval officer, integrity and honor is very important to me, so it was critical I found an attorney that exhibited these qualities. It was equally critical he be respected by peers as well as by his clients. Upon my first contact with David Yannetti, it was clear to me that he holds himself to the highest of ethical and moral standards. When seeking out a criminal attorney, I was advised by some very knowledgeable sources to look for three important traits:

1. SPECIALITY: Attorneys, like physicians, specialize in very specific areas of law. You would not higher a podiatrist to perform open heart surgery; likewise, you do not hire a bankruptcy attorney to handle your criminal case. Your personal and professional LIFE is likely on the line - be sure you hire an expert in the type of law you require.

2. TRIAL-TESTED: The best criminal attorneys should have ample trial experience. Even if your case appears "simple" on the surface, and may result in a plea or dismissal, the Assistant District Attorney has discretion on how to fashion the plea offer. Only the skill of an experienced criminal attorney such as Mr. Yannetti allows an attorney to know how to handle pre-trial negotiations and how to properly determine whether to press an ADA or have the confidence to proceed to trial if necessary. David is not only a skilled trial attorney, but has the additional experience as a former prosecutor - providing him with invaluable experience in and out of the courtroom.

3. WELL-RESPECTED: It is evident that David Yannetti is clearly respected by the court, the District Attorney's Office and his peers. You can view his accolades on his website. I also closely watched how judges, prosecutors and other lawyers treated him within the courtroom. He commands a tremendous amount of respect from everyone.

In summary, David had stellar marks in all three categories. Just as important to me, his communication was always prompt, professional and courteous. As busy as he was, he always returned calls or emails in a very timely fashion. I also had the pleasure of meeting Greg Johnson, one of the other attorneys in the firm and I was equally impressed - which was not surprising. I would not hesitate to hire or recommend David or any attorneys in his firm. I give him my full endorsement and thank him for the incredible job he did to earn an expedient dismissal to my case."

Listed below are other reviews from former clients of the Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm: