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Third DUI/OWI Offense in Massachusetts

A first or second DWI/DUI/OUI conviction can result in serious penalties. However, things become even more serious if you are charged with a third, fourth or fifth drunk driving charge. Massachusetts treats these criminal charges as felonies, which means you will likely be facing jail or prison time in addition to significant fines and the loss of driving privileges.

Boston felony DUI defense lawyer David Yannetti and his associates have extensive experience handling these serious charges. As former prosecutors, the legal team at the Yannetti Criminal Defense Law Firm understands how these cases are tried. We will put our skills and knowledge to work for you while we fight to help you achieve the best possible results in your case.

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Protecting Your Rights While Avoiding Harsh Consequences

The consequences of a felony drunk driving conviction are severe. A jail sentence of anywhere from 150 days to up to five years or more in state prison is a very real possibility. In addition, potential fines can quickly reach into the tens of thousands of dollars. On top of these consequences, you will lose your driving privileges for a number of years. The potential penalties are increased with each subsequent DUI conviction.

Because Massachusetts has some of the harshest drunk driving laws in the country, retaining experienced legal counsel is a must. Criminal defense attorney Yannetti and his legal team will attack the prosecution's case at every turn, challenging the results of breath and blood tests and the underlying legal reasons for why you were stopped in the first place. When your freedom and future is at stake, you simply cannot afford to try and navigate these complicated waters alone. Mr. Yannetti will protect your rights as he works to get you the best available outcome in your case.

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